Nov 05

The Combined Grants Will Total More Than $1.3 Million Over Three Years, Pending Availability Of Funds.

Glaucoma affects about 2.7 million Americans and 60 million people worldwide. NEI awarded its grant to Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School (HMS). DBT has provided funding to the Vision Research Foundation, part of Sankara Nethralaya, a specialty institution in India for ophthalmic care. The combined grants will total more than $1.3 million over three years, pending availability of funds. no dataCombining research efforts The primary focus of the research team in India will be on clinical evaluations, collecting samples for genetic testing, and looking for risk factors in patients with glaucoma. The study will include roughly 400 people from 30 families in southern India who share close ancestry. We will conduct detailed eye examinations for these large families in India, said Ronnie George, M.D., senior consultant in the Department of Glaucoma at the Vision Research Foundation. The exams include a vision test and quantitative measurements of roughly 40 traits, including ocular pressure, dimensions of the eye and cornea, and size of the optic nerve. We will also collect blood samples and prepare them for DNA analysis. Researchers in the U.S. will focus on state-of-the-art genetic analyses to identify risk factors for the clinical traits associated with glaucoma.

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Thus, many researchers suggest it to be a potential herbal therapy for the treatment of lung cancer. The other two types of this disease are – congenital and secondary. Though blindness in some of the above cases may be unavoidable, it is always recommended to seek the guidance of a veterinary ophthalmologist, after knowing the severity of the problem. Also, persistent coughing due to infections can lead to bursting of blood vessels at the back of eye. Disclaimer: This article is intended for information purpose only. That’s why, they need to be extra-careful and not let this eye problem sneak up on them. There are majorly two ways by which, this pressure can be reduced, either by slowing down the rate of fluid production in the eye or by increasing the rate at which the fluid drains out of the eye. Therefore, people should undertake an annual eye check-up. This article discusses the causes, symptoms and treatment about the same. http://lakefeststormlake.com/gabriellareedpost/2016/11/04/some-practical-guidelines-for-finding-indispensable-details-for-keratoconus/Do not comprehend that the symptoms will subside by themselves or wait for them to get worse over time. Inflamed arteries in the skull, cat scratch fever, tuberculosis, bee stings, lupus, Lyme disease, hepatitis B, herpes, and swelling of the optic disc papilla due to an increase in intra cranial pressure may also cause this condition. These eye inflammations produce symptoms such as eye itching, pain, eye discharge, and visual disturbances.

Achromatopsia, buphthalmos, cataract, conjunctiva, uveitis and retinal detachment are some of medical conditions which result in the eyes becoming sensitive light. Other than that there is nothing much to do. In many cases, it has been observed that an increased blood volume and cardiac output raises the blood pressure. Constant straining of the eye is also one of common conditions that cause dry, itchy, red eyes. Blood vessels in the eye may rupture if disease-causing agents such as bacteria or viruses weaken the walls of the blood vessels. Certain activities can bring about minor changes in the conditions for a brief period. Certain weather conditions such as extremely cold weather, dry air, or exposure to direct sunlight for a long time could also be a reason for this eye problem. If your pet seems to be exhibiting lethargy following the use of this drug, do consult a veterinarian. Tear stimulants, anti-inflammatory eye drops, and oral anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed by the vet. For treatment, one can use eye drops to relieve the itchy feeling one may feel due to ‘red eye’.

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