A Male Adult Victim Said That Two Men Carrying A Knife And Handgun And A Woman Armed With A Club-like Weapon Dragged Him Out Of His House And Assaulted Him.

The officer was wearing a body camera and the footage will be reviewed by the Orange County district attorneys office as part of their investigation of the incident, according to a press statement. Just before 6 p.m. Tuesday, Anaheim police responded to a report of an assault that occurred in the 1800 block of WestNeighbors Avenue. A male adult victim said that two men carrying a knife and handgun and a woman armed with a club-like weapon dragged him out of his house and assaulted him. Bonuses http://www.nba.com/2016/news/07/19/magic-jodie-meeks-foot-surgery.ap/The motive for the crime is not known, but gang involvement is suspected, according to authorities. Police are still looking for the female suspect, but identifiedthe two men as Velasquez and Reza-Palamino. Caption 90 seconds: 4 stories you can’t miss Protests continuein Charlotte , sweeping retail changes reshape American malls , shipping containers are becoming homes for vets , and drivers aren’t getting any younger . Caption Bill Plaschke’s favorite Vin Scully calls: Kirk Gibson’s homerun Bill Plaschke discusses the magic of Vin Scully’s words and silence after Kirk Gibson hit a homerun in the World Series. Bill Plaschke discusses the magic of Vin Scully’s words and silence after Kirk Gibson hit a homerun in the World Series. Caption O.C. nonprofit recycles shipping containers into homes for homeless vets An Orange County nonprofit is hoping that used shipping containers can provide shelterthat is quick and economical but also permanent and homelike.

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