Covington, Who Missed All 11 Shots Last Week At Utah, Was Booed After He Airballed An Early 3 And The Fans Never Stopped As Each Shot Clanked Off The Rim.

Ricky Rubio , just a 26 percent 3-point shooter, buried one with 1.6 seconds left that tied it at 91. Covington, who missed all 11 shots last week at Utah, was booed after he airballed an early 3 and the fans never stopped as each shot clanked off the rim. ”I’m never going to give in to what others say about me,” Covington said. Embiid, who led the Sixers with 25 points, again showed that the NBA’s top rookie just might play on one of the league’s worst teams. Embiid has won over Philly with his humor on social media and colorful quotes as he chases A-list celebrities for potential dates. He’ll be a bigger hit if he helps the Sixers win more games. Embiid waved his arms and encouraged fans to get louder when they chanted his nickname ”The Process,” and he later baited Karl-Anthony Towns into a technical foul. When the Sixers’ 26-point lead was whittled to 11 late in the third quarter, Embiid made a steal and fed Nik Stauskas for a 3-pointer that seemed to steady the offense. Towns had 23 points and 15 rebounds for the Timberwolves, and Zach LaVine scored 28. Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau said the Timberwolves continued to struggle playing a complete 48 minutes – especially that final fateful second.

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